Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hello Lovelies,

Our blog went through a little makeover today - Twitter and Facebook sharing/like buttons are added. Now you can spread the lovely Susu-ness to your fellow lovelies!

Speaking of  Facebook and twitter , we are completely new to twitter. It would probably explain the lack of twitter updates on Susu twitter account. :( We may need to grab a copy of twitter for dummies a.s.a.p because weird symbols like @ and # seem very confusing. We prefer connecting with you lovelies via facebook. So please become fan of Susu on facebook by clicking on an image of  Susu girl holding on to an oversized lipstick on your right hand side!

We would appreciate if you help us share the Susu-ness to your fellow lovelies
Sharing is Caring and Caring is Loving!


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