Monday, April 5, 2010

What Susu Lovers say about Susu :)

Hello again!:)
Two posts in one day!!! *YaY* You can see how much Susu is excited about our new blog !:) :)
So.. Today, we want to write about our wonderful press coverage and thank our wonderful people that featured us!
Have you checked out our press page on our official site? :)

We would like to take this wonderful opportunity to thank everyone who featured Susu on their wonderful blog / sites :)  We love finding new articles or pages dedicated to Susu when we google our name! Its truly amazing to see what people say about Susu in different languages!:) Love using google translator to see what our wonderful readers say about us!

Its a shame that there are so many different websites that share the same name with us :(, making it difficult to come across wonderful blog articles or pages about Susu :( :(
 So..if you featured Susu in your blog or sites, please let us know !! :)
We would love to see your site and add it on our press site!
 Feel free to email us at or simply
comment on this post!:) Looking forward to hearing from you :)


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